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Links to other local and national websites of interest:

National Association of Rocketry  (National non-profit sport rocketry organization.)


For notification of cancellations, special events or news please join our NEW Web Group (We no longer use YahooGroups):


The Rocketry Forum  (Moderated web-based forum. A safe and great place to ask questions and get answers from people all over the USA and the world.)

Rocketry Organization of California  (Model & High Power Rocketry - Lucerne Dry Lake.)

Model and High Power Rocketry Limits Chart (Extremely useful chart with text that explains the different limits for "Model Rockets" and "High Power Rockets" that are used by various regulatory agencies. Yes, they are different, but the chart will help you understand.)

Pratt Hobbies  (Competition parts & kits and electronics.)

Aerospace Specialty Products  (Cool scale & competition model rocket kits and books.)

Apogee  (Manufacturer of competition motors and kits - now selling Shrox designed models.)

D.A.R.T. San Diego

Estes  (Website of the world�s largest Model Rocket manufacturer. Includes products, PDFs of instructions and educational information such as technical reports.)

Aerotech  (Manufacturer of composite propellant motors and kits. Be sure to check out their ValueRockets website.)

Quest Aerospace Model Rocket Site (Manufacturer of Model Rocket kits and motors. Excellent bulk packs for schools and youth groups. Factory direct sales as well as sales through retailers.)

Discount Rocketry (San Diego area retailer. They carry Quest, Aerotech and Estes Model Rocket kits and motors and they can ship them legally.)

Ye Olde Rocket Forum Another forum for discussion of older Model Rockets. Privately owned and very little moderation, so there is no control over nasty, belligerent members. The result of this is most normal people have been chased away and use The Rocketry Forum.

Get Your Own Launch Site  (Information for California - how to launch anywhere in the state.)

Balsa Machining Company Site (Manufacturer of nose cones - standard, custom and "classic".)

Ninfinger Productions Model Rocket Site  (Sven Knudson website packed with info., tips & links.)

SCRA Web Group  SCRA web based group for communication, discussion, and storage of useful files and photos.

Sirius Rocketry  (Cool looking models with space-fighter looks.)

Hobbylinc  (On-line retailer.)




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